Chris Carmen  /   April 12, 2018

Imagine you’ve decided to buy a new car and instead of taking on the dreaded task of walking into the car dealer on your own, you’ve decided to hire your friend and auto buying expert, Joe the auto dealer General Manager, to do all of the leg work for you with respect to finding all of the autos that meet a list of criteria that Joe has helped you to define; providing you with a matrix of features of each auto and the respective price of each; and identifying the auto dealerships that sell those autos meeting your criteria.

And what if after doing all of the preliminary legwork, Joe than escorts you into the car dealership to accompany you on test drives of the cars of your choosing and to negotiate on your behalf to make certain you’re getting the absolute lowest price and best terms on your new car purchase. What a great way to buy a car, right?

In essence, this is what a tenant representative does for business decision makers. Business managers often have the responsibility to perform the many time-consuming tasks associated with searching for a new office space and negotiating the terms of an office lease.  And by the way, these tasks in addition to the myriad of other responsibilities already on their plate and overloaded schedules.

The tenant rep essentially becomes a business manager’s real estate concierge, taking on the responsibility to perform all of the legwork necessary to conduct a thorough search for office space, while providing commercial real estate expertise and experience. By leaving the legwork to the tenant rep, a business manager can focus on the key elements and decision points of the office search and negotiation, which will, in the end, save the company time and money.  So before you start searching real estate company names for who is leasing what, just tell us what you want and we’ll do the rest.

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