Chris Carmen  /   May 11, 2018

My team had a recent experience that provided us with a discouraging view of the commercial real estate brokerage industry.  Arthur Rutenberg Homes is a medium-sized Florida-based company that recently opened its first Indiana office. After completing their project, Paul Hanson of Arthur Rutenberg Homes called and wanted to offer a testimonial of the service we provided.  It was a pleasant surprise because we simply provided the same level of service and attention we provide each of our customers.

After we expressed our appreciation for his positive review, we learned our client had met with two other real estate professionals before he came through our door. After some communication with these brokers, it became clear to Paul that he was not going to receive the level of service he needed in order to make his office opening a success. After too many unreturned phone calls and emails, it became apparent his business was too insignificant.  In fact, he mentioned they seemed most interested in having him sign contracts to work with them exclusively, rather than explaining how they could help him and his firm.

After his brief experience with “typical” brokers, Paul researched brokerage firms that serve the interests of tenants.  As a result, he learned about Tenant Representation and found there was only one brokerage firm in Indianapolis that represents the interests of tenants only… and that is when he landed on our website.

Their slogan, The Tenant Advisor, immediately caught my eye, though I initially suspected it was more of a marketing gimmick than a true commitment. However, from the moment I first met Chris and Andrea, I knew it was a true mission statement by the level of attention and responsiveness they gave me on a constant basis. At every point along the way in the search, they advocated for my interests, listened to my needs, and explained the process when needed. In the end, I not only received a commercial space that met my needs and stayed within budget, but I also came to know two trusted advisors who will be my first call whenever I, or any of my friends or colleagues, have a need for commercial real estate.”

Paul Hanson, Arthur Rutenburg Homes

Every business is the most important business to each of its employee and their families, regardless of size or industry. Therefore, as a commercial real estate professional, it is our ethical and professional responsibility to provide every one of our clients the highest level of service we can provide.

Ultimately, the most important business to each and every one of our clients is their own….and we agree!

Let us know if we can help you in your search for commercial real estate.


Chris Carmen, President

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