Chris Carmen  /   July 16, 2016

With Donald Trump announcing his selection of Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, as his running mate in the upcoming presidential election, Indiana’s fiscal performance has come into the nation’s focus. As a Midwestern state that is often overshadowed by neighboring Illinois, Indiana’s economic development and fiscal health are becoming publicly recognized.

The Wall Street Journal pointed to Mike Pence and Mitch Daniels, Former Governor of Indiana, as responsible for such growth in the article Indiana Growth Model. Since the two men have been in the governor’s office over the past 12 years, the unemployment rate has dropped by 3.4%, even with the number of people rejoining the workforce has increased by 187,000. Daniels also kept Indiana businesses a priority by cutting the corporate tax rate by 2%. The adoption of Right-to-work laws may also catch the eye of CEOs because of the strength of the business environment in the state.

Indiana will continue to be in headlines for the growth of the state and business development. Its growth is now considered a model for other states to study to achieve positive results.

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